Chocolate Making Class


working with couvertures and compounds!




Chocolate making course – this is NOT A DEMO class. You will make your own chocolates in cut and molded category. This is hands ON and interactive class. 
Workshop proceeds with lot of techniques mentioned below:

  • Tempering chocolate by seeding method
  • Tempering chocolate by tablering method
  • Understand crystallization of Ganaches
  • Understand importance of temperature and crystallization points in chocolate.
  • Understand different types of fats in chocolate and why it is important to stabilize fats.
  • Demonstration of good and bad tempering, avoiding surface shrinking
  • How to check consistency by touching and pouring method
  • Learn correct ways of chocolate melting, understanding effects of humidity, room temperature and refrigerator temperature
  • Dealing with common problems faced in humid and tropical climate – how to avoid sweating of chocolates
  • Learn to add flavours
  • Learn to colour chocolates
  • Understand various types of moulds and equipments
  • Learn mould filling methods
  • Learn bulk and cut methods for chocolate making [ time saving methods]

Learn filled chocolates in popular categories:

  • Pralines
  • Soft centers
  • Fruit pastes
  • Truffle
  • Bulk cut pieces
  • Liquid adding techniques

Learn best practices (dos and don’ts) in chocolate making

Recipes shared upon completion of course: Hazlenut Walnuts, Nutty Coffee Gianduja, Indian Samosa, Tangy Strawberry, Lemon twist, Dark fantasy, Green goddess, Sunny summer, Mango mania & Orange Dilemma.

Course Fee: 4500/- Mumbai only [outside Mumbai fee may vary]

Course Take Away: recipes, notes, supplier list and box of 12 assorted chocolates

Class Timing: it is a 1 day class which starts at 10:00am. – 4:00p.m. duration is 6 hours

Course dates: Check Schedule page

Venue: Find complete address in Contact us page

All inclusive course: This is all inclusive course, we supply all the necessary material. You don’t need to bring anything. You may like to bring your apron.

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