Chocolate Making Class








This a course for people who are serious about chocolates. It is not only about shining pieces but with lot of science behind that single piece.


THIS IS NOT A VARIETY MAKING COURSE (Google has zillion courses and million variety making tutors). This course is designed for people who are passionate about learning the correct science of chocolate making and real life solutions to the problems faced in chocolate making. And your tutor is not another home baker or culinary chef turned chocolatier, you will be learning with master chocolatier. So if you are hunting for a cheap variety making course, this is not for you.  This is intense information session.

NO COMPOUND – we don’t work with compounds.



This course focuses on developing your in depth knowledge about chocolate crystals, polymorphism of cocoa butter, crystallization of ganaches, temperature points of various confections and very detailed discussion on tempering of chocolate.

Class is intense on knowledge and information part.

Delivery Method: It is a hands ON class. Class involves individual and group activities.

Key Areas covered in this course:

  • Tempering chocolate by seeding method
  • Tempering chocolate by tablering method
  • Understand crystallization of Ganaches
  • Understand importance of temperature and crystallization points in chocolate.
  • Understand different types of fats in chocolate and why it is important to stabilize fats.
  • Demonstration of good and bad tempering, avoiding surface shrinking
  • How to check consistency by touching and pouring method
  • Learn correct ways of chocolate melting, understanding effects of humidity, room temperature and refrigerator temperature
  • Dealing with common problems faced in humid and tropical climate – how to avoid sweating of chocolates
  • Learn to add flavours
  • Learn to colour chocolates
  • Understand various types of moulds and equipments
  • Learn mould filling methods
  • Learn bulk and cut methods for chocolate making [ time saving methods]

Learn filled chocolates in popular categories:

  • Pralines
  • Soft centers
  • Fruit pastes
  • Truffle
  • Bulk cut pieces
  • Liquid adding techniques

Learn best practices (dos and don’ts) in chocolate making

Course Fee: 6500/- Mumbai only [outside Mumbai fee 7500/-]

Course Take Away: recipes, notes, supplier list and box of 12 assorted chocolates

Class Timing: it is a 1 day class which starts at 10:00am. – 5:00p.m. duration is 7 hours

Course dates: Check Schedule page

Venue: Find complete address in Contact us page

All inclusive course: This is all inclusive course, we supply all the necessary material. You don’t need to bring anything. You may like to bring your apron.