Guest Tutor Lavanya







Guest Tutor Lavanya Kotha from Bangalore will take up following courses in Feb 2017

18th – Korean Jelly flowers 10-4

Complete hands on workshop
•Learn to pipe flowers with ease
cosmos,cherry blossom, Dog wood & fillers
•Can be used on fresh cream cakes / Ganache cakes & any other medium
•Very stable in any climate
•You get to learn how to work with the medium with locally Available products
•Korean Recipe also taught

 Ice creams – Not Scheduled in Feb

•Choco chip
•vanilla bean
•tender coconut
•fig & honey

19th- 3D jelly cakes – 10-2pm

•Learn to make the clear base
•create 3 flowers
•2 leaves
•understanding working temperatures
•flavouring the clear cakes
•vendor details provided
•after class support available
Rain drop cake recipe shared upon completion of the course

Call 09022753232 or whatsapp 7877861080 for more details.

Prior registration mandatory for all courses.