How to make fondant bird


How to make fondant/sugarpaste bird.

Level absolute beginners.





Tools: Pear shape cutter and scalpel

Roll out sugarpaste/fondant and cut out a pear shape

If you are absolute beginner it would be good to mark centers from tail to front round shape. Using scalpel tool, cut from middle and come up as C shape taking a curve towards end of pear shape. Similarly cut elongated C shape with bottom part of pear shape.

Roll our white fondant tiny ball and press it with your index finger or thumb. Similarly roll out very tiny ball of blue color, but smaller than white.

Place both the balls as shown in picture to achieve eye of bird.

Roll out fondant and cut two circles, about 3/4 inch diameter. Size will depend on your choice of pear shape size. As wing has to go proportionate with the body.

Cut two tear shapes using blue and white fondant. place white fondant on top of blue fondant.

Using edible glue, place the wing over the bird.



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