online chocolate courses


Online courses are designed for those who can’t travel at all.

Online courses have start and end dates, they involve part time self study at your end. Time bound modules to be finished. Also tutor evaluates the student work weekly basis.

  1. Base Module  – covers the contents of level 1 and level 2 ( read curriculum on website) . This module is best suited for people who would want to learn chocolates professionally and with utmost precision. This modules lays the foundation for Chocolate entrepreneur program and Teachers training Program. After finishing this program you are able to take orders for retail level chocolates. You can make chocolates for family and friends or you can start your venture also from home.
  2. If you want to launch serious business then you need more in depth knowledge of recipes and confections. You need to develop business model as well. So you take up next level up with more recipes and business module for further 8 weeks training. This is apt for people who are serious for chocolate business. people who have finished level 1 and level 2 offline can take up this module.
  3. Teachers training: People who would want to take this up as teaching profession, they continue their journey with Teachers training program. Very detailed science and underlying facts about chocolate are taught specially from teaching perspective. So that you can tackle questions from any end. This module has mandatory passing marks. If you fail in that you are not awarded certificate. However you are given second chance to re appear for exams.
  4. Optional modules: Bean to bar is optional those who would like to opt for it after finishing their Base module or Entrepreneur program.
  5. Optional program of consulting is open to people who are looking at becoming a national brand. It is one on one recipe development and mentoring as per requirements.


dates are only announced for base module

first batch starting on 8th Jan 2018

Start date: 8th January 2018 
End date: 16th February 2018

Special price 14000/- until 30th November
Post 30th November – 15000/-

Online – Tutor led course (Tutor will remain with you) 
6 weeks 
Covers contents of offline level 1 and level 2 
Self study material. 
Practicals and Exams 
Video conferencing every week to sum up the weeks activity. 
You have to finish modules on deadlines. 
Limited spaces.

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Read following links ( both links are part of curriculum)