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online figure tutorial - Rakesh saini


This is Rakesh Saini’s latest creation. Isn’t she beautiful… her name is Grace. We at 32 degree fell in love with her at first sight … He has put her together to help you excel in crafting human figurines with ease .

Rakesh prefers to work with simple tools and techniques that can be easily used and adopted by the students. Admittedly there is not much work happening on human figurines in our market however with passion, devotion, techniques and a good teacher this can be mastered with ease.

While most of the learning happens in classes. The free tutorial launched by us last month has proven that perfection can be achieved through online classes with ease. Based on our experience we brining to you Rakesh’s yet another creation….. This tutorial has new rolling style , advanced techniques for eyes, figure balancing…

This being are fourth anniversary month we are offering this tutorial at Rs. 1199/-through October. After that it will be available at Rs. 1599/-

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Now you can achieve perfection at your pace in the comfort of your home and at your own sweet time….

As Rakesh would put it … Happy crafting

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